Hi! I’m Sadia Malik from Canada, and I write allergy friendly recipes at Limitless Allergies.

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Limitless Allergies: recipes free from dairy, wheat, eggs, nuts, vinegar and fish

Limitless Allergies offers recipes that usually fit the allergy friendly diet. I adapt traditional recipes to suit our allergies while keeping the same traditional flavor as much as possible, so you never feel like you’re eating “free from” – just mouth watering food.

I love recipes that are delicious, quick and family-friendly. That’s what you’ll find here: food that is allergy friendly, tastes amazing but isn’t overly complicated.

Stumbling upon food allergies

My world was changed when my daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies in 2006. It did not help that almost every recipe I knew contained some sort of dairy, wheat or one of the other allergens. Also back then, there were almost non existent allergy friendly products on the market except in a specialty store and that too very expensive. Because of this, I had to take relearn cooking the new “free from” way.

Over the years I have learned, with trial and error, to look at the recipe, single out the allergens and adapt them to suit our needs. That may mean using a store bought option or making the alternative from scratch.

With food allergies on the rise, I wanted to share the recipes, tips and tricks, I’ve found that help make life a little bit more allergy friendly. I hope that these recipes can help others out there. Even if you don’t suffer from any food allergies, you may end up having to cook for a relative, friend, or neighbor and I hope that my blog will be a safe haven you can find awesome recipes.

About Sadia

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I’m mama of two, living in Canada. I love all things tech, food and sunset/nature photography. In addition to creating allergy friendly recipes, I am a full stack developer, occasionally working as a freelancer. I also love to learn different languages.

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